Promotion trailer for the first Global Super 8 Day – Event in Hamburg, made by Jim Lacy & Daniel Haude, in the year 2000. The trailer was screend on 35 mm in many cinemas in Hamburg and the Thalia Theater was sold out with about 1000 enthusiastic people!

We would like to continue to spread the idea and the new date of the GS8D2021 early and widely. Here is the trailer of Jim and Daniel from the year 2000 for the first GS8D event in Hamburg – now with subtitles. Please feel free to share it, thx! Here you ´ll find the download-link for the trailer.

Thx so much for the very good cooperation with
our Supporter Balimage and Stadtkino Basel!
the show – which took the place of the 15th cannes film festival premiere – is still available to watch for free at
Trailer and last call for straight8 2020
It is obvious that we do not call for GS8D events against common sense and against official orders. There are more important things at the moment! We are monitoring the situation and see when, what could be possible. Stay healthy!
Lockdown as chance for S8?
Very many people worldwide are involuntarily at home because of COVID-19 due to exit restrictions. Partly in the home office, but partly also without a job and then they renovate or clear up at home. This is now the best moment for the Super8-Generation-Treaty: this is how the long forgotten Super8 cameras are found again in the attics or in all the cellars. So: Fathers and mothers give your S8 cameras into young hands! For more information please have a look to press release S8-Generation-Treaty-Corona. Thx!
Yes, the registration form for GS8D events is ready and open. If you submit your S8 event plaese note, the GS8D2020 is due to Covid-19 suspended for now. We are very sorry, but don´t know when the world will be raedy for this. Stay tuned please! Thx! Read more here.

Please send inquiries to We ask for patience for the answer as a precaution. Thank you 🙂

The world is there – and you? Le monde est là – et vous ? El mundo está ahí, ¿y tú? Die Welt ist dabei – und Du? Мир там, а ты? 世界はここにあります – そしてあなた? العالم هنا – وأنت؟

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