About / History GS8D

The goal of the GS8D is to show that Super-8 lives! The GS8D provides a framework that you fill in and design on location in your town with your own Super 8 movies (mostly as short films) and S8 events.

We would like to show this on one day – the 11th October 2025 – with many simultaneous S8 events around the globe.

GS8D is a decentralized, international independent film festival – thanks to you!

We expect Super-8 events in arround 100 cities from 50 countries participating in the GS8D2025. This can be by screenings, installations or e.g. with a workshops.

The GS8D2025 wants to set another bright spot for the artistic and independently produced Super-8 film. The GS8D wants

  • to provide a framework that you fill in and design on location with your own Super 8 movies and S8 events.
  • to draw the attention of the general public to the values of Super-8 film in the past, present and future.
  • to promot the preservation of the artistic Super 8 films from history and contribute their screenings in front of an audience.
  • to underline the aesthetic value of Super-8.
  • to contribute to the preservation of Super-8 as one of the analogue film formats and to the renaissance of analogue photography and film work.
  • to emphasize the educational value of Super-8 film work in order to learn to work in a concentrated manner.
  • to reconnect the Super8 community
  • to further strengthen the Super8 community
  • to reach a new generation of Super8 filmmakers

History of GS8D

Since the year 2000, the GS8D has provided a framework that has been filled by Super8 enthusiasts worldwide with their Super8 films and Super8 events. The idea of the GS8D came from Hamburg in Germany, it was always organized from Basel or Zurich in Switzerland and it has taken place in the last 20 years in about 100 cities worldwide.

See our History page that shows numerous flyers of old GS8D events, screenshots and many press reports.