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Friendly advice on the GS8D from Moving Image Coaltion, Melbourne, Australia.
Thanks to Zeller Nachrichten, a small local newspaper on the german side near Basel.
Thanks so much Super8Porter in Toronto for the note and the Link, great!
The Association of Creative industries Basel ( has kindly referred to the Super 8 Bar Basel in its newsletter, thank you!Der Verband der Kreativwirtschaft Basel ( hat freundlicherweise auf die Super 8 Bar Basel in seinem newsletter hingewiesen, dankeschön!
The GS8D is now a member of the network Film at upper rhine. We thank you for the friendly reception and look forward to mutual exchange.
The local city council of Basel-West has kindly presented the GS8D2020 very prominently in its news. And also the so important Super8 generation treaty! Thank you very much for this, great! Text and pictures are available for everyone!
Das lokale Stadtteilsekretairat Basel-West hat den GS8D2020 freundlicherweise sehr prominent in seinen news präsentiert. Und auch den so wichtigen Super8-Generationen-Vertrag! Vielen herzlichen Dank dafür, großartig! Text und Bildmaterial stehen gerne für alle zur Verfügung!
Thanks so much to Schweizer Jugendfilmtage (swiss youth cinema festival) for following us at Instagramm. One of our target groupes!
Thats what we need to spear our idea: the RonOrp newsletter for Basel annoucened Super 8 Bar, great & thx!
GS8D very much wants the Super 8 Generation contract to be copied worldwide. Here is material and a .tif template for download and free editing:
independent-street-film-screening at the Elbe river and beach in Hamburg in 1998 organized by All NIZO

The access to the online gallery: . For more of free press photos please contact We kindly ask you to respect the respective copyright and would be very pleased if you could provide us with a copy of your report.

Thats what we need to spear our idea: local press Zeller Nachrichten in the Basel metropolitan region annoucened Super 8 Bar
Thx so much for the like at GS8D2020_Instagram. The first real A-Festival is always the hardest to get. Oberhausen we love you!!
Thanks to our friends at Neuchatel, Switzerland for sharing!
There super-8-festival happens 1st – 2nd november 2019 in a sold out cinema
in front of 300 people, congrats!
Thanks to our friends from

Top No 2 in the largest newsletter about cinema in Switzerland, thx
Thx to straight8 London,
euphoric letter to the editor one year before picture above was taken
super 8 filmcenter at Filmhaus Hamburg in 1998
A big article about the situation of Super 8 in 2005 Day in New York Times of May, 31, 2005
A big article about Global-Super-8-Day 2015 at Tagesanzeiger of October, 21, 2015

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