Thats what we need to spear our idea: the RonOrp newsletter for Basel annoucened Super 8 Bar, great & thx!
GS8D very much wants the Super 8 Generation contract to be copied worldwide. Here is material and a .tif template for download and free editing:
independent-street-film-screening at the Elbe river and beach in Hamburg in 1998 organized by All NIZO

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Thats what we need to spear our idea: local press Zeller Nachrichten in the Basel metropolitan region annoucened Super 8 Bar
Thx so much for the like at GS8D2020_Instagram. The first real A-Festival is always the hardest to get. Oberhausen we love you!!
Thx to Super 8 Reporter Toronto, Canada in october 2019
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There super-8-festival happens 1st – 2nd november 2019 in a sold out cinema
in front of 300 people, congrats!
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Top No 2 in the largest newsletter about cinema in Switzerland, thx
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euphoric letter to the editor one year before picture above was taken
super 8 filmcenter at Filmhaus Hamburg in 1998
A big article about the situation of Super 8 in 2005 Day in New York Times of May, 31, 2005
A big article about Global-Super-8-Day 2015 at Tagesanzeiger of October, 21, 2015

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