Trailer for GS8D

Promotion trailer for the first Global Super 8 Day – Event in Hamburg, made by Jim Lacy & Daniel Haude, in the year 2000. The trailer was screend on 35 mm in many cinemas in Hamburg

GS8D2020-Trailer is comming up soon! We won Jim Lacy, american film professor and award-winning stoptrick animation director in germany to produce it, as for the first GS8D-Event in Hamburg in the year 2000. Jim Lacy started filmmaking and its carrier by All NIZO┬┤s Screening in Hamburg in the 90s, as he said! Great, thanks so much Jim! Good luck and many many thanks to the motivated students of The world is watching Flensburg!

Opening of the Super-8-Film-Center in Hamburg in 1997,
moving S8-Camera Mobile art work by Nicolai Stephan
The Super 8 Bar Basel is a new, regular meeting place for the preparation of the GS8D2020 in Basel. The first weeks mainly as a contact point for the Super 8 Generation Treaty. After the break restart 2020 was monday, 13th January

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The Global Super8 Day 2020 has once again proclaimed the Super8 Generations Treaty: Fathers and mothers put your cameras into young hands! The approximately 25 million Super8 cameras are just waiting to get into young hands. They are in attics, in display cases or even refrigerators, they are everywhere! The world will find them …
Scan of one frame out of the year long All NIZO trailer on Super 8 before screenings – audience was called to bring there own Super 8 films, which where screened without examination

Here you are cordially invited to register your own S8 event (after which it is technically possible).


Here you will find soon or later current press reports as well as an online photo gallery and texts for press purposes.


Here is a list of partners and supporters of the GS8D (coming up soon)

Screenshot of a Trailer made by straight8, London

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