GS8D2020 is postponed to 9th october 2021

We really hope for a better sitiuation worldwide in 2021 and
looking forward for many GS8D2021-Events made by you.

Declaration GS8D2021
After detailed discussion, the GS8D2020 will be postponed to October 9, 2021, i.e. by one year. The committee would consider it unsolidary and irresponsible to call for GS8D events worldwide during this time. Even though the situation regarding Covid-19 is clearly improving in Europe, it is still very acute and catastrophic in North and South America. We know very well that both filming on Super8 and organizing GS8D events require a lot of attention, energy and time. With the decision to postpone the event by one year, we hope to achieve the same good conditions worldwide. We would like to thank everyone who has been so committed to the GS8D2020. So we are now looking forward to October 9, 2021, in order to prepare a worldwide, well-prepared celebration of the Super8 film with all of you. Thanks for your understanding!

Welcome to the website of the Global Super 8 Day 2021

Next year the 9th October 2021 we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Global Super 8 Day and 55 years of Super 8! This year the GS8D2020 is postponed unfortunatly. The dates on the website will be changed to 9th october 2021 one by one. Even in this bad news let´s try to find something good. For example to ask local film festivals, cinemas, theaters or museums to be part of the GS8D2021. There are more than 15 month for preparations.

And we know very well that making Super8 films and also organizing GS8D events requires a lot of passion and time.

Right now we are putting everthing together and prepare as much as we can so you can plan your event more easily around the globe.

Please send inquiries to info@gs8d.info. We ask for patience for the answer as a precaution. Thank you

GS8D-2020-Committee – Basel | Hamburg | London | Zürich – June, 2020

The world is there – and you? Le monde est là – et vous ? El mundo está ahí, ¿y tú? Die Welt ist dabei – und Du? Мир там, а ты? 世界はここにあります – そしてあなた?

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